Two BIGPRINTER UV in one of the biggest furniture manufacturer

In 2021, BIGPRINTER installed two BIGPRINTER UV printers in one of the largest furniture factories in Russia (Penza region), company SV-Mebel. The choice of equipment supplier was careful, because The company already had UV printers from a Western manufacturer, and the client knew what points to pay attention to when they bought a new machine.

One of the most important points was service support. According to SV-Mebel, compared to other UV printers, the printing speed has increased many times, which has speeded up their process, reduced costs, and shortened lead times. The representative of the production emphasizes that everyone is delighted with the quality of printing from BIGPRINTER. The problems of blurring and overspray prints are a thing of the past.

Operators of printing machines emphasize, printer stability, that the printer is simple and easy to use, there are no breakdowns and equipment downtime, which is extremely important for a company that mass production.